Thingumy’s place / Topikowe miejsce. Part I

06 07 09 10 12 16 20 21 25 27 28 31 41 02‘The summer’s flower is to the summer sweet;
Though to itself it only live and die;
But if that flower with base infection meet,
The basest weed outbraves his dignity’
/W. Shakespeare/

This Summer was very special for me.
I worked a lot!
And between my responibilities I tried very hardly
to be near people who are good, kind and thoughtful.
So I spent some days in Justynka’s home.
She is like a little character from Moomin’s tale.
Like Thingumy maybe.
Her world is like a peaceful haven, full of flowers,
baked rolls and sounds of Coldplay in a background.
I cannot even describe how her presence was soothing.
The aloe leaf on burnt and tired face.


  1. silvia - i diari della lambretta
    06.09.2017 / 17:52:18

    lovely pictures and words. inspiring, as always


    • anna
      08.09.2017 / 15:28:36

      Silvia, thank you so much.
      It makes me so happy that you write me
      comments sometimes.
      many greetings:*


  2. Zuza
    06.09.2017 / 18:20:48

    Wygląda pięknie. I ten klimat na Twoich zdjęciach, tak pełen spokoju. Dokładnie tak jak piszesz.


    • anna
      08.09.2017 / 15:30:22

      dziękuję Zuza, przy najbliższej okazji oglądnę całego Twojego bloga.
      a jeśli chodzi o spokój/pokój, to bardzo go szukam – zawsze, zawsze, więc może i zdjęciom się udziela:):)


  3. Raquel Lopes
    07.09.2017 / 03:22:57

    Such beautiful and inspiring photographs! Your blog is one of my favourites, makes me feel a calm joy everytime, love it! <3


    • anna
      08.09.2017 / 15:32:27

      I feel honored that my blog make you feel a calm joy…
      I cannot imagine better compliment.
      Thank you. Have wonderful, good days.


  4. another Raquel
    08.09.2017 / 18:17:28

    oh! these images are full of senses, i can almost smell them ♥


    • anna
      09.09.2017 / 11:16:14

      Raquel, thank you so much.
      I feel very good because you feel my pictures in that way:*


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