favourite people

Down by the lake – I


I was walking along the lake as much as I could.
Few days there seems to be not enough when you try to rest,
when you try to ‘breath’.
Especially when you don’t want to leave the whole great beauty
and silence which makes you sensitive to every sound.
Those days were like a foretaste of everything good.
Experienced with people who are the happiest part of my way Home.


When I’ve developed my last roll of film
I realized that last month was full of ‘family’ pictures from peaceful places
and I took them only when I really felt I’m resting.
I tried to remember all these breakfasts under the green roof and ladies’ talks in Maja’s kitchen.
I tried to remember how the little son of my friends is still… little.
With every day I am more thankful for everything what happens to me.

St. Anne’s Mountain



Everytime when I can spend few moments with my dear friends
I try to soak them up like a plant. My eyes just dilate every single gentle gesture.
These meetings are not so often anymore –
the unfortunate consequence of growing up and being responsible, I guess.
But May was quite generous for us. It gave more free sunny days
as beautiful as this one with Irenka among the yellow fields near the St. Anne’s Mountain.