Late Autumn

Autumn was my favourite season since forever.
Now, when I’m respectively older I don’t want to limit myself
and I prefer to admire the world in its various guises.
And immodestly I feel that this is all for me :)
When I feel first scent of fall in August
I cannot stop myself to feel happy, just like that.
Somehow this year I was blind to fall.
I was waiting for colder, white days,
I couldn’t find myself in yellow leaves.
But it’s ok – every thing has its own time.
I share with you some picture which I took
when I enjoyed my walks in windy, pretty smelling season.

with sosenka


Believe me or not,
our time wasn’t about taking pictures.
This week in early October
I can compare to sitting by the campfire with rosy cheeks and tousled hair.
The warmth of this little serious and delicate person
was like a crackling fire in the branches. In silence.
‘Sosenka’ means in polish ‘little pine’ (sosna-pine)
and Tina is for sure like a little pine.
Since Tina Sosna’s visit in our home
I think a lot about goodness and beauty
We bring and give others as people with our diversity.
And how those real meetings help us ‘to see’.