so much world all at once


While trying to plumb what the void’s inner sense is,
I’m bound to pass by all these poppies and pansies.
What a loss when you think how much effort was spent
perfecting this petal, this pistil, this scent
for the one-time appearance, which is all they’re allowed,
so aloofly precise and so fragilely proud.’
W. Szymborska


  1. Sara
    13.06.2015 / 16:45:11

    all in life seems to lead to a ritual where nothing beside the ritual it self matters.. it is interesting to think about this.
    beautiful quote, my dear Ania :)

    the flowers is your photos seem softer than in my pictures,more gentle,maybe.


    • anna
      13.06.2015 / 21:27:33

      Sara, I took this picture realy late, maybe at 8 pm so these tulips are just out of focus;)
      and I used nikon lens which is more soft than any others, I guess.
      I would like to show you the little blooming corners of my town :) – you would like them.


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