When I’ve developed my last roll of film
I realized that last month was full of ‘family’ pictures from peaceful places
and I took them only when I really felt I’m resting.
I tried to remember all these breakfasts under the green roof and ladies’ talks in Maja’s kitchen.
I tried to remember how the little son of my friends is still… little.
With every day I am more thankful for everything what happens to me.


  1. Mateusz M.
    24.06.2015 / 18:21:26

    Aniu, Aniu, to piękne!


    • anna
      24.06.2015 / 18:29:05

      Mateusz! Dziękuję. Ty byś zrobił tam najpiękniejszy na świecie film.


  2. n.
    24.06.2015 / 19:03:41

    anna, this serie is truly beautiful.
    and your description.
    i am in love with photo #5
    that light and that view, it’s just great shot.


    • anna
      01.07.2015 / 13:46:04

      dearest Nastia, I’m so glad you like these pictures.
      Your opinion is precious to me – I have hope your days are good.
      Sometimes I see your ‘feets’:) on IG and I’m smiling. We share the same tiles and old houses fascination.
      All the best for you ♥


  3. Sara
    25.06.2015 / 11:39:59

    the light here is amazing… as it is amazing your unique view of the world.
    from where you stand eveything seems so calm and romantic and natural…
    love you my dear <3


    • anna
      01.07.2015 / 13:56:32

      Sara ♥
      I spent really good time in Maja’s family home.
      Thank you, thank you my dear .


  4. Fleur
    25.06.2015 / 19:44:42

    i want to be full of family pictures too… i think this “kind” of pictures makes our heart more warm.
    your photos are really beautiful and full of good feelings.


    • anna
      01.07.2015 / 13:57:46

      Thank you Fleur, I saw your pictures and I can say the same about yours:
      warm, colorfull with love to the world.


  5. Pratiksha
    15.07.2015 / 15:51:35

    family time is the best time! <3


    • anna
      16.07.2015 / 08:55:47



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