Dying nature

My camera is broken and
the entire roll of film is decorated in light leaks.
They remind me of the enchantment that arose
when I saw white dying roses with the little raindrops
on their leaves and petals.


  1. alexandria
    05.08.2015 / 17:42:16

    These are quite splendid. So sorry to hear about your camera dying. Fingers crossed you can find another one to use soon.


    • anna
      26.08.2015 / 12:18:37

      Because of this flaw I started to use my another camera.
      Tt was a good motivation to start something new.


  2. The Mind Wanderers
    10.08.2015 / 23:05:05

    I adore film photography. I love the fact that it’s so unpredictable… Like those light leaks. They look beautiful. ❤



    • anna
      26.08.2015 / 12:24:06

      Thank you Sara:)
      I think the same, the unpredictability is worth its price.


  3. Claire
    13.08.2015 / 14:17:30

    Your pictures are beautiful! I was lurking around on Marguerite Gisele’s blog, mourning her disappearance from the internet for the 100th time and found your sweet comment. I was not prepared for your pictures beauty! They took my breath away! Can’t wait to discover more!


    • anna
      26.08.2015 / 12:33:28

      Thank you Claire. I remember I was delighted with her picture taken in corn fields,
      All the best for you.


  4. RLStars
    21.08.2015 / 22:37:58

    the light leaks give the pictres a magical touch!


    • anna
      26.08.2015 / 12:15:03

      :) yes, they make pictures more unique.
      Thank you for stopping by.


  5. Amélie
    06.09.2015 / 09:23:32

    I also like the unexpected that comes out on film photography, like the waiting time, and then meeting the images that do not exactly ressemble what I aimed and expected, it’s like gathering treasures that live their own lives in a little dark box.
    I always hesitate to switch from film to digital photography, but so far never did it, only switch to another film camera when mine broke at the beginning of the year:).
    Lovely roses playing with surprise light.


    • anna
      27.09.2015 / 21:51:51

      Always surprises, Amelie:) I use my second film camera actually.
      Even if I have digital one I can’t to force myself to take more pictures with it.
      I like when I can gather my memories day by day. Little pieces.


  6. Sara
    28.09.2015 / 19:41:38



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