Down by the lake – III

I have no doubt I belong to the forest:
to the tall walls of pines,
the soft moss under my feet and
all green needles around.


  1. Tina
    27.07.2015 / 22:04:51

    Oh just as me Anna. :’)
    The forest is there for everyone. <3


    • anna
      31.07.2015 / 11:50:30

      I’m happy We can share the same passion,
      my dear queen of the forest:)


  2. Sara
    29.07.2015 / 17:09:11

    oh i have the same feeling, after my weekend in the montains <3

    beautiful images, especially S. sitting next to the tree :)

    nobody took a picture of you? i want to see Ania in the lake!


  3. anna
    31.07.2015 / 11:57:01

    Sara, my husband took two films and I saw me on these pictures:)
    So I will send you a few of them.
    Hope, you had a wonderful weekend.


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