Down by the lake – I


I was walking along the lake as much as I could.
Few days there seems to be not enough when you try to rest,
when you try to ‘breath’.
Especially when you don’t want to leave the whole great beauty
and silence which makes you sensitive to every sound.
Those days were like a foretaste of everything good.
Experienced with people who are the happiest part of my way Home.


  1. róża
    15.07.2015 / 18:54:29

    nawet bohaterowie mają przyrodnicze ubrania. co za przyjemność w percypowaniu świata (piękna) twoimi oczami.


    • anna
      16.07.2015 / 08:50:38

      Różyczka! Jak dobrze Cię tu zobaczyć.
      Dziękuję, cieszę się, że miło Ci się ogląda.
      Dobroci wszelkiej.


  2. Tina
    16.07.2015 / 08:41:26

    My dear…how beautiufl, calm and special this lakes looks. I wish we would have one like this here.
    It’s always such a magical feeling to spend time on such places.


    • anna
      16.07.2015 / 08:59:08

      I’m sure Tina you have them too.
      In fact We needed to drive really long time to get to this lake.
      It’s always little longer trip, not for every time.
      Hope you will able to rest in a beautiful place too.


  3. Jan
    16.07.2015 / 09:10:13

    Everyone should have a lake like this one. One to calm you down, to bring clearness to your mind and to soothe you when you’re feeling upset.
    I really like the threatening sky. Summer rain can be so intoxicating.


    • anna
      16.07.2015 / 09:24:07

      Jan, thank you for stopping by.
      Some time ago I started to love rain and dark sky –
      not occasionally when I’m in the mood but permanently.


  4. silvia - i diari della lambretta
    16.07.2015 / 10:46:10

    these photographs are lovely. i can almost breathe the fresh air from here.
    … and that trailer ♥


    • anna
      16.07.2015 / 18:20:56

      thank you Silvia,
      your words mean a lot to me because
      I visit your blog regulary and I like what I find there.


  5. Natalia
    16.07.2015 / 12:00:03

    It really seems like you’ve captured magical moments here. I especially love the first one, it looks like the start of a beautiful story. I’m actually living in Poland at the moment and I have a few lakes similar to this around me :) It’s so serene, simple and peaceful.


    • anna
      16.07.2015 / 18:28:44

      Thank you so much!
      I like the first one too because reminds me of the most peaceful moments of this time. I’m curious where you are right now and what exactly you do in Poland:)


  6. Sara
    19.07.2015 / 11:57:10

    I just hope i can one day join your adventures somewhere :)

    i love you and i love you photos because they reflect so well the beauty in you :*


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